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Have you ever felt that the job or situation you are in, is becoming stale?

Do you lack the confidence to do something about it?

Do you know what you do want ?

I have spent my life reflecting on where I am now and where I want to be and just 'going for it'. Back in 1996, I was training to get in the GB Canoe Polo team and suffered a knock back on selection for the team. The impact of that knock back made me train harder than ever so the coaches noticed that they would be foolish not to select me.

We went on to win the Gold medal and I am proud to be a World Champion.

Three weeks later, my 17 month old son contracted pneumococcal meningitis and was left permanently disabled. My whole life plan changed overnight and I had to adapt to a new normal.

I returned to work because as we could have longer holidays together as a family if I was in education. I proceeded to climb the ladder at work becoming a headteacher at the age of 36 and four years later moved to become a the headteacher of two federated schools. However, I have a passion for the 'what next' and so one of my schools became designated as a Teaching School and I was a National Leader of Education where I supported many headteachers in school improvement using coaching as the tool.

This is where my passion for making a difference to others through coaching was ignited. My next challenge was to become a headteacher of three schools. My vision was to run them as one and our motto was 'stronger together' and through my leadership we developed a feeling of 'oneness'.

During the 15 years I was a headteacher, I learned so much about caring for your team around you and modelled having a high respect for well-being to impact on staff which ultimately impacts on the children and families.

In the last 5 years, I have become passionate about making a difference to saving the planet and began making lifestyle changes. I am all about plastic reduction and so began making gifts to reflect this. 

I was once again ready for my 'what next'.

That is how I have got to the position I am in now - a full time coach where I share my passion for supporting others, whether it be within an organisation or in a personal life.

I also make eco-friendly products reflecting my desire to reduce single use plastic. 

You are in control of the changes you need to make to your life and I am here to support and challenge you along the way.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we could work together then please contact me heartandsoulbyjp@yahoo.com or book a free session via the link on this website OR call me on 07971431653

OR go over to my shop to see my products.


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