October is upon us!

Last week saw the end of my first month of trading full time as Heart and Soul by JP. Having watched the Apprentice and Dragon’s Den for many years, I was pleased with my turnover for September.

I have launched into some training with High Performing Coaches – a group of coaches supporting each other to drive their businesses forward. Exciting ideas came out of our first session.

Last month I posted many times about the ingredients and benefits of my shampoo bar ingredients. It really was the start of my focus on how I can make a difference to the environment by not buying shampoo and conditioner bottles.

This month the focus is going to be on my deodorant sticks.

Look out for the ingredients and benefits as well as the story behind how they are packaged and more importantly, how I want to package them in the future. Also, I will draw your attention to the difference between sticks and aerosol cans and the health benefits.

Hopefully you saw last week that I am booked into Barton Marina Artisan Market on 29th November. Keep looking out for more that I can attend in the local area and let me know if you find any.

Finally, my thoughts go to friends who yesterday sadly experienced loss.

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