The first signs of snow

Well last week in the Midlands, we had our first snowfall of winter and the hills around Derbyshire looked beautiful! I think it's the closest I'll come to skiing anytime soon.

I was delighted to receive some glue sticks that had been collected by one of my customers at Barton Marina back in October.

I am looking forward to turning these into deodorant to be able to sell at my events this weekend.

Talking of events, yesterday we were at Litchfield Producer's Market. Despite the drizzle all day long, I was truly impressive with how many people came out to support the many small businesses that were there. It is one I am definitely going to revisit on 3rd January to see who wants to grab a New Year bargain.

Still on the theme of events, on Saturday 12th December, I will be at Keyworth Food & Gift Market ( ) 10.30am-1.30pm at The Keyworth Tavern.

Then on Sunday 13th December, I will be at The Sunday Fine Food & Craft Market in Chilwell ( )

Plenty of places are saying to guarantee deliveries get there on time to get them sent off by tomorrow.

There will still be time up to 18th December for second class however after that it will have to be first class or special delivery.

I hope everyone is looking after themselves at this difficult period of time. Just know I am here, looking to support people who want fulfilment in their life both at home or at work through my personal development coaching.

If you are interested in a zoom chat with me to look at what is holding you back in life and experience some powerful coaching (for free) then book in a time mutually convenient by following this link -

Stay safe everyone x

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